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Aeronca Aircraft for Sale. Plus Aeronca Airplane Information, History, Products, Manuals,
Parts. Used Aeronca Airplanes for Sale. Champ, Chief, c3, 7ac, Champion, and more.

Aeronca Aircraft for Sale
Aeronca C-3 Electric Airplane Kit The first Aeronca was produced in Cincinnati Ohio in 1929. This aircraft was an Aeronca C-2 monoplane nicknamed the Flying Bathtub (See photo above) because of its open pod design. The low price of $1,495 enabled the average citizens to afford this aircraft.

The next Aeronca was the Scout built in 1937. This aircraft got rid of the bathtub look giving it a modern aviation design. The high wing was strut braced and the cockpit fully enclosed. The Scout was then redeveloped into the Aeronca Model 50 Chief, which was a light aircraft with better comfort and had a longer flying range. This plane was so popular that the Model 65 Super Chief and Model TC-65 Defender was soon developed.

Unfortunately in 1937 a flood destroyed the Aeronca factory so production was moved to Middletown Ohio, but the tooling, blueprints and drawings were gone so the company had to start over. However Aeronca continued to thrive selling 17, 408 aircraft, which included 55 models by the year 1951.

In 1951 Aeronca quite building aircraft and sold their Champion design to a company in Wisconsin which became the Champion Aircraft Corporation. Now, Instead of building airplane Aeronca builds parts for Boeing, Northrop, Lockheed, Airbus and others.

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Aeronca Aircraft

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