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Biplanes for Sale

Biplanes for Sale. Information and History on the Biplane. Plans, Kits and more.

Biplanes for Sale. Boeing Stearman E75 (PT-13D) biplane of 1944 - Public Domain Photo The biplane is a fixed two-wing aircraft. Many of the early aircraft had two wings ranging from the Wright brothers through the 1930's. Now this plane is used mostly for aerobatics and crop dusting. Because this airplane does well for aerobatics, crop duster pilots probably choose this aircraft for its ability to do maneuvers over the crop fields.

The biplane wings both provide lift giving this airplane more lifting power than a single wind aircraft, but only 20% more, so the single wing has more lift efficiently. However the two wing aircraft has more maneuverability.

These planes are now collectors items and used for stunts at air shows. However they are still in use when a field needs to be sprayed with an insecticide or something similar. I used to live on a hilltop

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Biplanes (all models)

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home and we could look down to the town on one side and a field on the other. There was a towering mountain behind the field.

I heard a buzzing noise and suddenly a biplane lifted up from the field. It was below our home and if I remember right it was painted a pretty yellow. I watch in awe as it flew over and headed back to the field and dipped really low to the ground as it released its load over the plants. I saw the spray settle like a cloud and before the aircraft could run into any hazard it lifted up again and flew around for another dive toward the ground releasing its load again. A cloud of spray drifted over the plants and seemed to be put in just the right place. Hardly any of it drifted away.

I continued to watch until the plane was done and it few off. My sister is a pilot and I know she would have loved to see this aircraft in action. You could tell that the pilot was highly skilled in flying as he maneuvered his craft close to the ground and safely up again.

On this page you will find these aircraft plus parts and manuals and other products.

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