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Dinky Toys

Dinky Toys for Sale. Dinky Toy Tractors, Cars, Trucks, Hornby Trains, Aircraft,
Ships and more. Dinky Toys Information and Price, Value Guides.

Dinky Toys for Sale
Great Book of Dinky Toys Dinky Toys are tiny die cast cars, trucks, planes, ships, doll furniture and more. They were first produced in 1934 and the older ones are collector items. It is hard to find these vintage toys in original condition because of the impure metals that was used to make them.

The first Dinky toy that was made was a tiny MG sports car and came in sets of 6. Now they are sold in individual small boxes. Since then these toys have become really popular and collectors compete to find antique Dinky toys in good shape.

In the 80's Matchbox bought the company and produced them under the name of the "Dinky Collection." Most of these toys were made for adult collectors and were made in excellent condition.

One of the most sought after Dinky toys are the Guy Vans. These Dinky Vans had an all metal box and rear doors that opened. But collectors pay even more for what is called the Dinky Supertoys. These were produced in 1947 and were tiny model lorries like the 501 Forden 8 Wheel Wagon, and the 502 Forden Flat Truck.

On this page you will find many Dinky Toys for Sale. Plus 1959 and double oo Dinky Toys. Prices guides too.

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Antique Dinky Toys

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Dinky Toys

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