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Dirt Bikes for Sale

Dirt Bikes for Sale. Max, Mini, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Electric, Pocket Dirt Bike and more. Dirt
Bike Parts, Boots, Helmets, Manuals, Gear, Accessories. Vintage and Used Off Road Dirt Bikes.

Dirt Bikes for Sale
A trials bike, note lack of seat

Dirt bikes (off road bike or motorcycle) are usually light weight with small engines made for off road riding. They have long suspension and a high ground clearance to avoid rocks and other hazards encountered when leaving smooth road conditions.

They need to be built to withstand the shocks of being off road. The body of the bike should be very basic without any frills and have large tires to survive the hard knocks it will receive on the dirt, rocks and mud it will encounter. Some of the machines you will find on this page include the pocket, electric, Max, Mini, Kawasaki, Yamaha and more.

There are specialized ones made for different off road sports. Motocross is an off road race over many jumps. The bikes used for this sport must have no road legal gear like lights, instruments etc...Engines are

Vintage and Used Off Road Dirt Bikes.
Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike ($219.99) either two or four stroke with a lot of suspension that is able to survive the jumps.

The Enduro is a long distance competition that runs through different terrain's like forest, field and more. The one used for this sport is similar to the motocross.

Rallies are races that run through the desert. Those used for this sport must be capable of holding a lot of fuel to last the race. The ones used are usually larger to carry the extra weight of the fuel.

Trials is a specialized off road motorcycle sport that shows the skill of balancing and precision instead of speed. The dirt bike doesn't use a seat because it will affect the balance of the bike. The banana bike is the nickname for this one because of the missing seat.

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More Dirt Bikes for Sale

Dirt Bikes (all models)

Honda Dirt Bikes

Mini Dirt Bikes


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More Dirt Bikes

Dirt Bike Boots

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One of the sports that is very fast and interesting is when these dirt bikes use no brakes and can only use two gears. The fuel used is methanol and they race on an oval track at a fast and furious pace. The spectators might be able to see a lot of crashes, but as always this sport can be dangerous so proceed with caution. Racing such a way really can get the adrenal up and can be fun but use good protection like a high rated helmet and gear that can withstand any wipe outs.

On a side note: My sister Dianne and I were out late one day walking in the field near our home. This field was empty and sandy and many used it for off road fun. As we were walking through suddenly a motorcycle started to chase us. We were frightened and ran for our lives.

Looking back I am sure the rider meant no harm but we were scared. He cornered us in an old cement pipe (if I remember it right.) This pipe was almost big enough for us to stand in. Once he had us corned he told us that he would let us go this time and roared away. We didn't waste and time and raced for home. We were so frightened that we didn't run around the house but climbed through an open window. I think it was one of our bedroom windows.

Thinking back I think the kid chasing us was just having fun and if he was serious would not have let us go. But when you are young you don't always think of that. At that time we thought we had just barely escaped disaster. However now days it has become more dangerous for kids to roam freely outdoors in populated areas. Parents need to keep tabs on them and give training about what to do if approached by a stranger.

On this page you will find good used and new ones. Plus mini, pocket and stunt. Also parts and service manuals. Parts, Boots, Helmets, Gear, Accessories. Vintage and more.

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