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Gold Wing

Honda Goldwing Motorcycles used for Sale. Goldwing Motorcycle Parts, Service Repair Manuals.
Goldwing Trikes, Seats, Accessories. Honda Gold Wing Motorcycle Apparel. Jackets,
T-shirts, Belt Buckles, Boots...

Honda Goldwing Motorcycles used for Sale One of the most popular motorcycles in history is the Honda Goldwing. Honda sold its first one in 1975 and initially planned it as a road bike but it quickly became a touring motorcycle. Gold Wing is also the first motorcycle to have airbags.

At first Honda made only one model of this motorcycle which was the GL 1000. Now many models are available like the GL 1100, GL 1200, GL 1500, GL 1800, and the Valkyrie or F6C.

Introduced in 1979 the GL 1100 Goldwing is very similar to the GL 1000 except that improvements were made. The engine was bored to a larger size and an electronic ignition was used instead of the old point system. Also during this time the plant was moved from Japan to the United States.

More Gold Wing and Parts

Gold Wing (all years)

Gold Wing Parts


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Introduced in 1984 the GL 1200 featured a new engine type and a larger frame for a nicer ride. Also a limited amount of GL 1200TD Aspencade bikes were produced which had more technology.

Introduced in 1988 the GL 1500 saw the most changes yet with a flat Six engine replacing its old one and a solid state ignition which increased power and reduced noise. This model of the Honda motorcycle was also enclosed in plastic, which gave it a seamless look. Another big change was adding a reverse gear making it easier to back up.

Introduced in 2001 the GL 1800 saw some more changes like a bigger fuel injection engine and lighter frame. The frame was made out of aluminum and had problems with cracking. This cracking was fixed by 2004.

In 2010 the company plant was moved back to Japan from the United States. Unfortunately the March 11, 2011 earthquake that struck Japan may impact production.

On this page you will find them and accessories for Sale. Also there is a special section featuring three wheel tricycle or trikes for Sale. Seats Accessories. Apparel. Jackets, T-shirts, Belt Buckles, Boots.

On a side note, we live in a beautiful valley in Wisconsin. Because of this it is not unusual to see clubs made up of special vehicles and motorcycles touring our area. Many times while on my walk a long string of motorcycles or vintage cars will pass me as the drivers and passengers all wave and my arm can get tired waving back to everyone as they slowly pass. I have seen trikes and other types of bikes with the riders all decked out in the typical clothing and gear that you would see for those types of motorcycles. It can be fun to see what tour will go pass next.

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