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Gyrocopters for Sale

Gyrocopter, Autogyro for Sale, Information, History and Products, Manuals, Kits.
Gyroplanes, Gyrocopters, or Rotaplanes are other names for the Autogyro.
Used Gyrocopters for Sale.

Gyrocopter, Autogyro for Sale Bensen Aircraft B8MG Gyrocopter

You will find a selection of gyrocopters for sale on this page. There are several names for these tiny helicopters, which actually work different from a regular helicopter in that was the blades draw up the air, while the helicopter pushes it down. The names for these small aircraft include the autogyro, gyroplane and the rotaplane.

Be sure to get the training and instruction to keep this sport a safe one. Just jumping in and taking off can result in you being the topic of the evening news. So be careful and proceed wisely and take your time in getting to know these fun flying machines.

My husband daydreams of getting some type of small aircraft. Something that he could use to take off from our home. We have six acres so there is just enough room to make a landing spot. It could be tiny copter or a powered parachute. He would enjoy taking off from here and exploring the surrounding areas. Where we live it is quite pretty with the green (in the summer time) rolling hills and dairy farms scattered about.

Used Gyrocopters for Sale. Rotorcraft Flying Handbook I am from Oregon and there is cheap land east of the cascades near Klamath Falls. I know of several folks who bought some inexpensive land and put it their private airstrip. The weather is cold during the winter but there is a joke in the area that it is sunny 364 days out of the years. The joke comes about because there is almost constant sunshine. It may be cold but the sun will be shinning. This makes it a great place for solar panels and for pilots that want to fly from their own land.

My sister is a pilot and some of her friends have their own airstrip out there. One friend was coming in for a landing and his airstrip was covered with snow. The snow had a hard crust on it, which made it easy to take off, but landing was a different story. As he came down for a landing and touched the snow surface one tire broke through and would not come out holding him flying really low to the ground. He finally broke free and tried to land again. But then his other tire did the same and it resulted in his plane flipping over onto its back.

Since he was flying so slowly he didn't get hurt and his plane suffered minor damage. He had to crawl out and finds some friends to help him flip his plane back over. This is one hazard to having your own airstrip. There may be no one around to notice if you had any trouble. It would be good to have a friend involved but the beauty of having your own landing strip is the ability to take off anytime on a whim.

So if you want to do the same the land is fairly cheap and level. You just need the means and the tiny aircraft of some type.

Keep watching this page for new aircraft. They come in all the time. You will find jump take off types, kits and more.

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Gyro Gyrocopter Fantasy
Gyrocopter Space
Gyrocopter Illusion
Gyrocopter Lightning
Gyrocopter Dreaming
Gyrocopter Space and Snow
Gyrocopter Original
Gyrocopter Landscape
Gyrocopter Fairy
Gyrocopter Tuscany

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The most common name for them is the Gyrocopter but this is actually a brand name and there are other names that describe them like the Autogyro, Gyroplane and the Rotaplane.

James Bond helped make this tiny personal helicopter popular when he used one in one of his movies. This aircraft makes a great escape and helps him get away from a tight place. This craft does not need a long runway to get airborne and can take off from most anywhere.

Before you hope on board and take off in one of these, get the training you need first. From what I have heard you can not get insured when you pilot these because they are so dangerous. However with the right training and taking reasonable precautions you should do fine.

The first photo here shows someone flying above the clouds in a Benson gyrocopter. It looks really fun and the smallness of the craft makes it seem you are flying out into the open with hardly anything protecting you as you go.

This photo shows a two-person gyrocopter. The photo is probably taken from the ground so they just took off and are headed for a fun ride. Before you get one of these check the local rules. In some places you can't fly these close to cities because you might interfere with local aircraft traffic. You donít want to crash into another plane.

One of the best places to fly your own aircraft is a little north of Klamath Falls on the eastern side of Oregon. Land is cheap and the weather is sunny most days. Winters are cold and snowy but many have their own airstrips and fly homebuilt and other types of aircraft there.

My sister is a pilot and has friends who have their own airstrip and some type of aircraft. If I remember the story right one of her friends was coming in for a landing on his own airstrip and the whole length of it was snow covered. He didn't have any trouble taking off but landing was something different. The snow had a hard crust on it and as he tried to land one of the wheels broke through and he quickly powered up and went around again. It happened the second time as he tried to land and this time both wheels broke through and he flipped the plane onto its back. He didn't get hurt and the plane wasn't messed up much but this is an example of the things that could happen when you own your personal airstrip.

Gyrocopters can be safe as long as you get the correct training. Always fly in good weather and don't take any foolish chances. Remember the saying, "There are bold pilots and old pilots but there are no old and bold pilots."

Susan Dietel
Web Programmer
Email: susansdesign@yahoo.com

Gyrocopter Space
Gyrocopter Illusion
Gyrocopter Dreaming
Gyrocopter Lightning
Gyrocopter Space and Snow
Gyrocopter Original
Gyrocopter Fairy
Gyrocopter Landscape
Gyrocopter Fantasy
Gyrocopter Tuscany

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