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Hammond Organ

Hammond Organ for Sale. New and Used Hammond Organs. Vintage and modern Hammond Organ.
Hammond Organ Sales, Music, History and Repair. H112, M3, J Series Hammond Organs.

Hammond Organ for Sale
Hammond B-3 Organ & Leslie 122/147 Easy Improvement and Restoration Tips for NON Technicians Laurens Hammond invented the Hammond Organ in 1934. This organ was originally made to be a lower cost version of the wind driven piper organ but became popular for gospel music, blues and other types of music.

The Hammond B-3 organ is the one best known but Hammond made other types. He first thought of the idea after listening to his electric clock. If the clock could reproduce the correct sounds maybe he could reproduce the sound of the organ and a low cost electric version of the wind pipe organ was produced. This was a relief for small churches that could not afford the more expensive organs.

The organ quickly became popular not only for its lower cost but for the fact that it could be moved easily and could reproduce other sounds like clock chimes. The Hammond organ became popular for radio shows, and music groups.

Eventually electronic key boards replaced this organ for music groups and radio but many churches and private homes still use this organ today.

On this page you will find many new and used vintage Hammond Organs for sale. Plus organ music, lessons and other productsclock

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