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Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crabs for Sale. Hermit Crab Care, Shells and Supplies. Hermit
Crabs Set Ups, Facts, Habitat, Accessories and Books.

Hermit Crabs for Sale
Hermit Crabs: Complete Pet Owner's Manual
Hermit crabs sometimes called the "mobile home" crab makes an excellent pet when you know how to take care of them. Without proper care they only live for a short time and that is very tragic. They can live more then 23 years when given the proper environment and care so be sure to thoroughly research their care before buying one. Actually it is best to buy several as they are social critters and would be lonely without company.

After bringing home your pet hermit crab and setting it up in the best environment, place pretty shells in its home so that it can transfer into them as they grow. These hermit crabs have long soft bodies that need to be in a shell to protect it from its enemies.

In the wild hermit crabs can be found in tide pools and like to stay where it is wet but be able to get out of the water at times. They eat what they can find at the bottom of their environment like algae and leftovers in the aquarium. They also need a deep sandy/gravel bottom to their environment that is deep enough to bury them while molting.

On this page you will find hermit crabs for sale and resources for their care. Hermit crab cage, habitat, set ups, food, facts, shells and more supplies.

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Hermit Crab Shells

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Hermit Crabs

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Hermit Crab Cages

Hermit Crab Shells

Hermit Crab Supplies

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