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Antique and Old Bottles insulator Natural Cures for Disease Insulator How to Beat Depression


Insulators for Sale. Antique Glass, Ceramic and Porcelain Insulators. Electrical
High Voltage Insulator. Wire, Telephone and Electric and Power Insulators.

Insulators for Sale
110 kV ceramic insulator, showing sheds
Reusing this image Insulators are needed to resist the flow of electricity to prevent electric current from passing through and draining away. An insulator can be found on every electric pole and other devices that carry electricity.

Older insulators are now collector items and are highly sought after. Antique Glass, Ceramic and Porcelain Insulators are the most collectible. Many of these older insulators are collected for their historic value and for the pretty glass and ceramic designs.

The first glass insulator had pinholes and were held by wooden pins on the power pole. These pin types didn't work very well over 60,000 volts. The first ceramic insulator were made using stoneware in the mid 1840's.

Now insulators are made from glass, porcelain or a composite polymer material. Glass insulators have some problems with condensation and internal strain in the glass but these have been proven to last long term.

On this page you will find many vintage and antique insulators for Sale. Telephone and electrical insulators, porcelain, Glass, Ceramic insulators. Electrical Also find High Voltage Insulator. Wire, Telephone and Electric and Power Insulators.

More Insulators

More Insulators for Sale

Electrical Insulators

Glass Insulators

Porcelain Insulators

Ceramic Insulators


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