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Mopeds for Sale

New and Used Mopeds for Sale. Plus Moped Manuals, Tires, Parts, Helmets and much more.

New and Used Mopeds for Sale.
Discovery Deluxe 150 Need a way to get to work without breaking the bank? A moped is the perfect low gas option to get you there. Mopeds are lightweight and don't have the license requirements of a larger and heavier motorcycle. Most mopeds are restricted to speeds up to 30 mph (50 km/h) and can travel 220 miles (350 km) on one tank of gas. Some mopeds have pedals combining gas and human power.

The first mopeds were actually bicycles outfitted with motors. But now they look closer to small motorcycles. There is some safety concerns for mopeds because of their slow speed. To stay safe on the road the moped rider must be aware of fast moving traffic and wear bright clothes. As far as possible stay on less traveled roads with slow moving traffic.

When the energy crisis of the 1970s hit the United States, mopeds quickly became popular there. Now with the high gas prices mopeds are again gaining in popularity and using one can save you 100's of dollars in gas and vehicle maintenance.

Our neighbor who is about 94 was given one of these by his son. He used it too and it was really cool seeing him zoom down the road with the wind blowing in his face. This one had a sidecar on it too, which gave it more stability and served as a place to put his groceries and others things he would buy.
Many times I would be walking up the road as he puttered on by. We would wave at each other. I sure wish I had a photo to show here, it was really cute. Eventually it became to much for him and he gave it up but it was very special seeing someone that old use one.

On this page you will find many new and used cheap, electric, tomos, and mobility ones and scooters for sale plus service manuals and other products.

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