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Find this Art on Clothing, Mugs, Famed Tiles and More.

Saw Blade Art PIPER Collie Incognito Mug cherokee Crater Lake Throw Pillow
Saw, Vintage Tractor Framed Tile manuals Collie Incognito Mug for sale Crater Lake Throw Pillow

How Will the World End piper Piper Aircraft piper Piper Aircraft Parts piper Piper Archer piper Piper Cub piper Piper Saratoga piper Piper Tomahawk

Piper Arrow Cherokee Depression and Its Cure

Piper Cherokee for Sale

Piper Cherokees for Sale. Plus Aircraft Information, History and Products,
Manuals. Used Piper Cherokee Airplanes for Sale.

Piper Cherokees for Sale Piper PA-28-236

Used Piper Cherokee Airplanes for Sale.
Pa-28 Cherokee (A Pilot's Guide)

  Piper PA-28 Cherokee is a light airplane built by Piper Aircraft. They are unpressurized, four-seat, single-engine piston-powered airplanes with low-mounted wings and tricycle landing gear with a single door on the co-pilot side which you enter by stepping on the wing.

Current Models are the Arrow, Archer III, and Warrior III. They have engines ranging from 140 to 300 horsepower.

Older Models include the PA-28-235 with 235 horsepower and a longer wing.

PA-28-140 Cherokee 140. Designed for training with initially only two seats.

PA-32 Piper Cherokee Six can carry five passengers plus the pilot.

PA-28R-180 and PA-28R-200 Arrow. Constant speed propeller and retractable landing gear

Piper Cherokees for Sale. Plus Aircraft Information, History and Products, Manuals.  Used Piper Cherokee Airplanes for Sale.
The PA-28-161 Warrior II
PA-28-140 Cherokee Cruiser 2+2. Four seat version. Renamed Cherokee Challenger in 1973. Mainly a four-seat version. Later renamed Archer and Charger.

PA-28-151 Cherokee Warrior. Has a Archer's body and a new tapered wing.

PA-28-236 Dakota. Pathfinder model with the new tapered wing.

PA-28-201T Turbo Dakota. Didn't sell well and discontinued in 1980.

PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II or III. Training aircraft with a glass cockpit.

New Piper Aircraft. After the original Piper Aircraft company declared bankruptcy in 1991the New Piper Aircraft company was created. They currently produce three PA-28 Cherokee variants: Warrior III (PA-28-161), (134 kW) Archer III (PA-28-181), (149 kW) retractable Arrow (PA-28R-200).

More Piper Cherokee and Parts

Piper Cherokee More Piper Cherokee

Piper Cherokee 140

Piper Cherokee 180

Piper Cherokee 235

Piper Cherokee Club

Piper Cherokee 160

Piper Cherokee Parts

Piper Cherokee


Piper Aircraft

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Piper Cherokee Manuals, Products and more

Piper Cherokee

Piper Cherokee Manuals


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