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Plymouth Scamp

Plymouth Scamps for Sale. Plymouth Scamp Parts, Engines, Repair Manuals.
Used Plymouth Scamp 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1983 and all years.

Plymouth Scamps for Sale 1970-72 Plymouth Scamp Fender/ Deck Names Kit (3 Pieces) Plymouth made two vehicles called the Scamp. The first was made in 1972 and lasted until 1976. It was a small two-door model based on the Plymouth Valiant. Then in 1983 they came out with a Scamp pickup truck that was based on the Plymouth Horizon.

You can imagine why a car company would want to name their car, Scamp. It is a real cute sounding name and brings to your imagination a little kid with high energy getting into mischief. This was a great marketing ploy and some would buy it just because of the nice name.

My grandmother named her dog after this car. Actually if wasn't after the car but just because her dog look like a Scamper. This name makes a good fit for both cute little kids and pets.

The year 1928 was when Plymouth first sold their cars. They had a nice logo of the Mayflower ship, which by the way, landed on Plymouth Rock. The name Plymouth was taken from this famous piece of history and they figured it would be favorable to the public. They were right. The public received it well and the Car Company did well until finally calling it quits in 2001. Many will miss the great vehicles they produced and many collectors love the older models.

On this page you will find them for sale plus service manuals and other products for this car. Used 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1983 and all years.

On a side note.
Looking in the guest book below I noticed a comment from one of my readers saying that he lived in a town that has a name similar to this car. I laughed as I read that he wanted to name his little brother after the car. I could imagine his brother getting into all types of escapades and wonder if he would enjoy his new nickname.

This little brother could go two ways. Either he will hate or love the nickname. It depends on how it is used. When a nickname is given in a loving way and your love shines out as you use it the person will love it. Otherwise if the name is used to make fun of the person they will hate it and do whatever they can to remove it from them.

It would be interesting to learn how this nickname turns out.

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If you can't find the Plymouth Scamp you are searching for, keep checking back. New ones come in all the time.

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Plymouth Scamp Parts

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