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Piper Saratoga

Piper Saratoga Aircraft for Sale. Piper Saratoga Parts, Manuals and information.

Piper Saratoga Aircraft for Sale.
Piper PA-32R-301 Saratoga II TC (model 1999) - Public Domain Photo
The Piper Saratoga (PA 32R) is an aircraft similar to the Piper Lance. The difference being the tapered wing on the aircraft instead of the "hershey bar" wing on the Lance. This plane seats 6 persons and is a high performance aircraft with a single engine. This aircraft is single winged and has retractable gear. Production of the Piper Saratoga ended in 2009 but you can still find many around in excellent condition.

The Piper Saratoga has an empty weight of 2464 lbs (118 kgs), holds 102 (386 liters) gallons of fuel with a maximum speed of 192 kts (356 kmh) and has a maximum operating altitude of 20,000 feet (6096 meters).

This plane had become know as the aircraft that John F. Kennedy Jr. died in. It wasn't because that aircraft was flawed but because of pilot error. However any experienced pilot could make a mistake similar to this if not careful.

If I remember right it was because the weather was foul that night and the sky and water blended into one making it hard to know which was what. Also he did not have an instrument only certificate so did not have the training that might have helped him and his family. His instruments would have told him how low off the ground they were and helped prevent this tragedy.

On this page there are 11, 2, brisbane and more aircraft for sale plus service manuals and parts.

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