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New and Used Segway Scooters

Segway Personal Transporters and Copies. Cheap Prices, New and
Used Segway and Human Transporters.

Segway Personal Transporters and Copies Segway i2 Personal Transporter Dean Kamen invented an upright electric scooter type of machine that let the rider stand upright. They were first sold in 2002 and some call it the PT or personal transporter. Other names for it are the Ginger and IT. The Segway is easy to ride and control. Lean forward and you go ahead and of course leaning back backs you up. To stop the rider just stands upright and a small push to the left or right on the handlebars turns the machine.

The iBot, is a wheel chair that would let the rider climb stairs and raise the person up to eye level while balancing on only two wheels. This same technique was used to make the Segway, which runs people around in the upright position.

At first the Segway was only used on level surfaces like sidewalks but now some are made for rough terrain. These are made to go over rocks and can be used off road. The police have used these scooters to patrol the Olympics. This enables then to move fast thorough crowds and not get tired.

Once charge can enable these scooters to travel 24 miles, which is really good. As technology continues to advance so does the Segway. The later ones can take water and other conditions that the earlier ones could not handle.

Cheap Prices, New and Used Segway and Human Transporters. Silver Human Transporter Electric Scooter $695.00 A Tall Tale:
One day while walking along the boardwalk I noticed folks out enjoying the sun and there were several personal transporters in use. I watched the people that were riding them zooming throughout the traffic and they seemed to not have any trouble avoiding running over anyone. It looked really fun and I found a nice place to sit down in the shade and just people watch.

Not to far from me was a fast food place and a couple of young women stopped their Segway type scooters and hopped off to make a order of some ice cream.
I was just casually watching when a fast motion caught my attention. A teenager saw his opportunity and jumped on one of the scooters and took off. One of the women noticed and gave a loud yell for the boy to stop. He didn't hesitate but quickly zoomed away.

My husband was also with me but he had wandered off down the boardwalk with the plan of joining me later. Since the...

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boy was heading in his direction I quickly called him and filled him in and told him to watch. He happened to be standing near a police officer and told him about it. I gave the officer a description of the boy and he handed the phone back to my husband.

It wasn't more then a couple of minutes when I heard a commotion. My husband relayed the drama. The police officer saw the boy and grabbed him as he came by. He was quickly put into custody and I relayed the good news to the distraught women who had also called the police and was waiting to see what would happen.

Much to my satisfaction I witnessed the return of the scooter to the young woman and they thanked me for my help. My husband and I just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

On this page you will find these and other types of human or personal transporter scooters. Some of the copycats are excellent with a much lower price. Find out how much they cost here with all the sales on this page.

Many new and used Segway Scooters to choose from, plus some good copies that are cheaper like the personal human transporters. These less expensive ones can work just as well and not empty your wallet as fast.

Notice the photo. This guy is traveling with his beloved dogs. This would sure turn heads as you rode pass.

You can find baskets like these to add to your scooter to make it easy to take along your doggie friends or to get some groceries and any other items you would like to take along.

These scooters are really convenient for getting around. Recently I saw a photo of the inside of Jay Leno's big garage where he stores all his fancy cars and there was a fellow on a Segway zooming along. The garage is so big that you need one of these to get around unless you want to walk long distances inside. Jay hires several car mechanics to keep his pricey vehicles in great condition and they are probably the ones who use these scooters. Can you imagine having to walk a quarter of a mile just because you forgot your wrench? Instead jump on one of these and quickly get what you need. You might even forget accidentally on purpose just because the ride is so fun.

This photo shows a staff member at the Dalles Convention Center. The center is so large that they need scooters or something similar just to get around. This staff member probably enjoys using a Segway to get around and may go out of his way to use one.

On this page you will find other types of Personal Transporters or mobility scooters that may work just as well but be easier on your wallet. Some are electric. However the name brand would guarantee good quality even thought it is not as cheap. The best way would be to check reviews and see which ones work best and how much they would cost. Amazon does really well with the reviews for their products so this would be a safe way to research the item. Then purchase it either in Amazon or eBay, whichever one seems the best for you.

Some of these scooters are made for level ground and other can be used on rough terrain. It all depends where you plan to ride them. It may be best to have one that can handle as many different terrains as possible in case you find yourself going over a rough area.

Police also use these for crowd control. It gives them a fast and easy walk to get around and gives them an edge over the walkers.

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