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Semi Truck for Sale

Used Semi Trucks and Trailers for Sale. Used Tractor Trailers. Semi Truck Manual,
Parts and Accessories. Flatbed Trailers.

Used Semi Trucks and Trailers for Sale.. Semi-trailer truck with 'sleeper' behind the cab - Public Domain Photo Are you looking for a Semi Truck to buy? If so this is the right place to look. My brother in law drives a truck and can make $10,000 or more a month. He owns his own truck and hauls cars. There are Internet sites that connect the truck driver with the person who wants their car hauled. This way you can stay self-employed and take vacations when you wish.

One of the best ways to start would be to buy a Semi Truck with a sleeper and live in it while you pay off the truck. Then put aside enough money for a down payment on a home. If you manage right and make it a priority to pay off your debts you could have a home debt free and have more time off from driving. You don't want to get into a trap where you have to drive constancy to pay off the bills and a huge mortgage. Buy enough house to be happy but stay away from expensive property. Have the goal to be independence and ready for future trouble.

Used Tractor Trailers Classic American Semi Trucks Another name for the Semi Truck is tractor trailer, transfer truck, 18 wheel, Diesel, Mack truck or a big rig. Most of the goods you buy come in these trucks so it is extremely important to share the road with them. The weight of the semi truck is restricted to keep the roads from being damaged so weigh stations are positioned along truck routes to insure that the weight guidelines are being followed. If you haul cars you usually don't have to worry about going over the weight limit.

There are many truck driving schools around the country that will give you excellent skills on driving your 18 wheeler. Once you get your license you can decide whether to be independent or drive for someone else. On this page you will find Semi Trucks, tractor trailers for Sale, besides parts and service manuals.

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