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Plymouth Superbird

Plymouth Superbird for Sale. Plymouth Superbird Products, Manuals, Parts, Kit, Information and more.

Plymouth Superbird for Sale Plymouth Superbird - Too Fast Tin Sign The Plymouth Superbird (RoadRunner) was only made for a short while in the 1970's. Customers at that time thought the car was a little too much with its huge nosecone and rear spoiler and a horn that sounded like the Road Runner cartoon character. This car was developed to win at the NASCAR and entice Richard Petty back to Plymouth.

Richard Petty nicknamed the "King," won the NASCAR seven times and is considered the greatest NASCAR driver of all time. In 1969 Petty decided to drive a Ford instead of the Plymouth. It didn't think the Plymouth models had what it took to win a race. Plymouth responded by making the Plymouth Superbird. This car became Richard Petty most famous racecar and he would win 10 races in it.

Plymouth Superbird Products, Manuals, Parts, Kit 1970 Plymouth Superbird Blue Ertl Ltd. 1:18 Diecast The Plymouth Superbird was made primary for racing and was actually a supped up Plymouth Roadrunner. It was one of the first cars to be aerodynamically designed by means of a wind tunnel and a computer. The Superbird decal was of the cartoon character the Road Runner holding a racing helmet. These decals were placed on the spoiler fins and driver side door.

In the 1970's the Plymouth Superbird was not very popular and many sat unsold on car lots. Collectors wish they could go back in time and get one of these cars for now they are extremely popular and can sell over $800,000 for the best ones.

On this page you will find Plymouth Superbird's for Sale plus parts and service manuals.

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Here are the Plymouth Superbirds for Sale

Plymouth Superbirds (all years)

Plymouth Superbird Parts

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