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Piper Tomahawk for Sale

Piper Tomahawks for Sale. Plus Aircraft Information, History and Products,
Manuals. Used Piper Tomahawk Airplanes for Sale.

Piper Tomahawk for Sale Pa-38 Tomahawk: A Pilot's Guide   The Piper Tomahawk is one of the best aircraft for flight training so many pilots are familiar with this airplane. The Tomahawk is a two-seater, fixed wing aircraft that is also great for personal use because of it affordability and low accident rating.

The Piper Tomahawk was chosen as a trainer because of its ability to stay in a spin enabling students to master spin recovery. The controls of the Piper Tomahawk are similar to a much heavier aircraft giving the students a lead in transiting to the larger aircraft which makes it popular with US Air Force Flying clubs.

The safely record of the Piper Tomahawk is excellent. This aircraft

has a one third accident rate compared to the Cessna 150 and 152. Unfortunately because of this aircraft's ease of falling into a spin, it has the highest rate of fatal spins, so if you own or plan to fly the Piper Tomahawk be sure to have the proper training to recover from any spin. Some like to call it the "Traumahawk" because of its spin capabilities. But again with proper training this plane will keep you in the air safely.

On this page you will find many new and used Piper Tomahawks for sale. Plus manuals and parts. Aircraft Information, History and Products.

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Piper Tomahawk Piper Tomahawk Aircraft

Piper Tomahawk Parts

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Piper Tomahawk


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Piper Tomahawk

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Piper Tomahawks for Sale. Plus Aircraft Information, History and Products, Manuals. Used Piper Tomahawk Airplanes for Sale.
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