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Ultralight Aircraft for Sale

Ultralight, Microlight Aircraft for Sale. Manuals, Parts, Design, Building Plans and Information
on Ultralight or Microlight. Used Ultralight, Microlight Airplane, for Sale.

Ultralight, Microlight Aircraft for Sale Huntair Pathfinder Mark 1 ultralight

Many people dream of being able to fly but can't afford the cost of an airplane. However the aviation enthusiast will find the affordable Ultralight as a way to fly. The Ultralight or another name for it is the microlight is lightweight and flies really slow. Because of this it is not subject to as many rules from the FAA. This allows many more people to fly it without all the regulations that would have to be observed when flying the average aircraft.

To qualify as an Ultralight the plane has to have a single seat, use less then five gallons of fuel, weight less then 254 pounds while empty and can't fly over 55 knots (64 miles). They also need to stay away from congested areas. This aircraft is classified as a Light Sport so you would only need a certificate to fly one. Training is advised but not required. I certainly would want to get the training from someone experienced.

Used Ultralight, Microlight Airplane, for Sale. Microlight Pilot's Handbook If your Ultralight is not powered like a hang glider, paraglider or a aeroplane the empty weight needs to stay under 155 pounds. Ultralights range from small gliders to bigger aircraft with motors. Electric one are becoming popular and many are buying the kits to change over from gas to electric.

In our area we see them flying over our home fairly often. Two brothers got one and they like to try it out. It looks like a tiny plane and has a motor with a unique buzzing sound as it flies over. They also can be dangerous. Our neighbor lost her father in one. He was training a student when the wing fell off. I don't remember what caused such a failure but it does pay to be super cautious.

Here you will find many Ultralights and Ultralight kits and products for sale.

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Ultralight Aircraft for Sale (all models)


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Ultralight Flying Instructions

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Ultralight, Microlight Aircraft for Sale. Manuals, Parts, Design, Building Plans and Information on Ultralight or Microlight.  Used Ultralight, Microlight Airplane, for Sale.
Photo used under Creative Commons from Ken Hodge
  The Waodani and the Ultralight

The Waodani are a remote tribe of people in South American who before missionaries came and helped them out had such a killing culture that they probably would wiped themselves out in a few years.

This book (End of the Spear) tells the story about five brave missionary men who gave their lives to save the tribe members who were killing them. These missionaries were armed but refused to defend themselves because the tribesman didn't know Jesus and would not be saved otherwise. The story has a wonderful ending.

The story is wonderful in that most of the tribal men involved in the killing became Christians and one of them even baptized a son of one of the murdered missionaries. This shows how lives are changed for the better when they are truly converted.

The Waodani were taught how to fly and maintain a Ultralight in order to have their own independence. They could fly their own people plus other tribe members to hospitals for medical care and supplies. It was amazing how they went from primitive living to flying their own aircraft.

The tribesman did not put up with a cheap religion that so many people around the world believe in. They didn't let anyone call themselves a Christian unless their life showed a change for the better. True faith always results in works. A robber will stop stealing and the 10 commandments are written on the heart.

One thing in the book bothered me a little. One of the Waodani women was upset that her father died before hearing of Jesus. She assumed that he was lost because of this. Her father was a good man and took in homeless children when their parents were killed. From looking at his life I would highly suspect that she will be happily surprised when she finds him when Jesus comes again. Her father did the best he could and since Jesus lights every person that comes into the world and all can choose to do right or not, he was probably lead by the Holy Spirit to do the things that he did. It looked to me from what I read that without even knowing Jesus he was still following Him and will probably be saved. What a great and happy celebration it will be once Jesus comes back and we are all reunited.

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Do you dream of flying but don't have a big budget? If so an ultralight may be the best choice because you can get in to the sky on limited funds. The FAA isn't heavy on the rules for this type of aircraft so that improves your ability to start your flying career really soon.

Some of the qualifications that make an aircraft an ultralight or microlight is having a tank that cannot be filled over five gallons. The weight canít be over 254 pounds when empty and the speed not over 63 mile/hour. (55 knots) According to what I have read it needs to have only a single seat too but I seen many of them carry too passengers as the photo here shows. You would have to look into this more prudently before building something that will carry two persons.

This photo above shows another Drifter being pushed back by human power to keep the dust down on this airstrip.

Stick to the rules and you should not have any trouble with the FAA. Also you can not fly over a city or town or gathering or group of people or controlled airspace of any kind. Instead of having to get a pilot license you only need a Light Sport certificate to fly one. This also eases the hoops that you need to go through before getting off the ground.

Having your own ultralight plan can enrich your life as long as you take the necessary precautions to stay safe.

he pilot in this photo (above) took a picture of himself and you can almost imagine yourself up there flying with him. Behind him you can see some of the shore and water surrounding the island of Kauai in Hawaii. This island is the fourth largest and the oldest geologically. It sure looks fun to visit and fly over.

Our area has a lot of pilots and it is common to see different types of aircraft flying over including ultralight. These small airplanes make a unique sound and we usually come out of the house to see who and what is going overhead.

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