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Vintage Travel Trailer

Vintage Travel Trailers for Sale. Vintage and Antique Travel Trailer, Campers, Airstreams,
Teardrop and more. Rambler, Spartan, Avion Vintage Travel Trailers.

Vintage Travel Trailers for Sale
1933, Glacier National Park - Public Domain Photo
  People are discovering that it is cool to pull a vintage trailer with their classic car. Even folks without a vintage car want the old classic trailers. It is fun to restore the old trailers and take camping trips in them. The Vintage trailer hobbyists are getting together to make up caravans to explore for a weekend or even a week. Some are calling themselves "vintage vanners."

The origin of the travel trailer can be traced back to the traveling gypsies who traveled in Europe using horse drawn trailers. The first trailers built to sell were made by the Bristol Carriage Company in 1880. It was 18 feet long and was called wanderer by the new owner.

Vintage and Antique Travel Trailer, camper
American Classics: Old School - Classic Travel Trailers
  In the Untied States the travel trailer was first introduced in the 1920s and those who used them were called "Tin Can Tourists." The trailers were improved and in the 1930s and 40s they became know as a house trailer. People actually were able to live comfortably in these trailers.

The old vintage travel trailers were usually made from 3 types of materials. Wood (plywood), aluminum and fiberglass. Each antique trailer collector has their own preference on which material they like best.

It would be fun to travel around the United States in one these old campers and see the sights. Your trailer would generate a lot of conversation and you can show off your nostalgic rig. There are actually clubs that you can join featuring these vintage trailers where you can share you love of these with others.

These campers prices are very low and can be a good investment for your vacation. It could be a family project to fix one up and then use it for a fun road trip. This could also be a profitable expedition if a diary and photos are kept of your adventures and then a book produced afterwards. This could equal an educational adventure for the whole family.

On this page you will find used camper trailers for sale. Plus books and more on vintage trailer trailers.

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