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Wood Stoves for Sale

Wood Stoves and Wood Cook Stoves for Sale. Used Wood Cooking Stoves.
Antique and Vintage Wood Stoves. Build and Install your own Wood Stove.
Woodstove Cookstove Accessories and Parts.

Wood Stoves and Wood Cook Stoves for Sale.
Vogelzang 106,000 BTU Deluxe Boxwood Stove Be prepared for disasters and power outages. Having a wood stove will heat your house and cook your food. You can heat the water you need for bathing and washing your clothes. A power outage that lasts for weeks would only be an inconvenience instead of a total disaster where you are forced find shelter elsewhere or freeze.

Wood stoves will also cut down your electric bill or you can use it just as a back up in case of need. Whatever the reason a wood stove is a smart choice.

Be ready in case the power goes out or to save on a heating bill. If you have a fireplace then you already have your chimney so all you need to do is to put in a stove insert and you are ready to go. Be sure to clean out your chimney to prevent a house fire. Precautions need to be taken when heating with wood. My dad heats with wood and he borrows the cleaning tools from the local fire department each year. This saves him money by doing it himself and he doesn't have to buy the tools or pay for a chimney sweep. Remember to have a smoke detector and change the batteries. Have an escape plan and practice it often.

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Wood Stoves (all types)

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More Wood Stoves

Installing your Wood Stove

Build your own Wood Stove

Wood Stove Screens

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A pullet stove won't work for emergencies because they take electricity to run. However they look nice and you just have to keep it filled with pellets and don't have to cut your own wood. The downside is that pellets are more expensive than wood and you still have to carry heavy sacks of pellets to your stove.

Antique burning stoves are also fun to get. Just be careful that they don't leak smoke. The stores that sell to the Amish also have some nice wood cook ones that are very efficient to cook your food because they have to be practical.

There are many choices on this page so choose the one that best fits your home and needs. Check out the link below to find even more choices.

Here you will find many types of wood stoves. Used Wood Cooking Stoves. Antique and Vintage Wood Stoves. Build and Install your own Wood Stove.

Are you prepared for the power to go out this winter? Natural and man made disasters have dramatically increased and the chances of you getting caught in a major power outage is getting higher every year.

Here you will find many types of wood stoves. Used Wood Cooking Stoves. Antique and Vintage too. Build and Install your own and more.
Every home should have a plan on what to do if the electricity was to go out for a week or more.
Wood stoves will also cut down on your power bill for those who want to use it all winter and not just as a back up.

Notice that the photo shows a wood stove that has a place for cooking on top. Always get a stove that you can use for heating and cooking. It doesn't need to be really expensive and especially made for cooking on top. Just make sure there is a hot surface that can be used if necessary.

This photo shows an early wood stove that was used by the pioneers. It was very practical and could be used for both heating and cooking. Now you donít need to get one that has cooking burners on it but make sure your stove gets plenty hot on top and has a flat surface where you can heat up your food. Even bread can be made and fried in a pan like pancakes.

Water can be heated for baths and dishes and the only thing you need to make sure, is that you have the wood on hand. Also each year you need to ascertain that your chimney or pipe is cleaned out to prevent chimney fires.

Donít get a stove that needs electricity to run. So that means no pellet or blower types that wonít run unless the power is on.
Make sure that you have plenty of supplies on hand that doesn't need a refrigerator or freezer to store.
Water should be located or buckets stored before any major storm. Distilled water will keep a long time so you should have at lease 10 gallons to drink. Water to flush the toilet can be gotten from a creek if there is one near you. Snow can also be melted to supply your water needs.

Don't wait, be safe before the next disaster happens. Once something does happen you might have to leave home to find a safe place to stay and usually it is better to stay home then to venture out into the unknown. However if you live in a city or town is is usually best to leave before the more violent residents start to loot and cause mayhem

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