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When Will the World End vintage Natural Cures for Disease apron Kitchen Aprons pattern Apron Patterns

Plastic Aprons vintage Free Apron Patterns apron How to Beat Depression

Vintage Apron Patterns

Vintage Apron Patterns

Vintage, Retro Apron Patterns. Plus a Free vintage apron pattern.

At one time aprons were considered an essential part of doing your household chores. Now with the ease of washing and cheap clothing aprons are not worn the way they once were. However the apron is staging a comeback. Especially vintage aprons are extremely popular for everyone in the household including men.

I just love the cute retro apron patterns that are available on this page. Some are poke a dotted, checkered and more. They make you feel like someone from the good old days when you wear these designs. Some are full and other's are just a skirt. It depends on what you need and like for cleaning and cooking.

At last, a place to find all the vintage apron patterns you can use. On this page you will find many to choose from. Vintage aprons for women, men and children.
Some vintage aprons could be used as either an apron or a bonnet. Use it in the house and then fold it into a bonnet for going outside. Here is a free vintage apron pattern that can be turned into a bonnet. It is actually 40 years old and comes from the Women's Household magazine July 1968. You will enjoy sewing this real vintage apron.

Vintage Apron Patterns Free Vintage Apron Bonnet Pattern

You can buy vintage aprons at eBay but why wear something that is old and something that someone else has worn. Instead sew your own vintage aprons using the easy patterns you can find here. There are plus sixes available too.

At one time aprons were considered an essential part of doing your household chores. Now with the ease of washing and cheap clothing, aprons are not worn the way they once were. However the apron is staging a comeback. Especially vintage aprons are extremely popular for everyone in the household including men.

My grandmother made her own aprons and whenever I saw one, even after she was gone, reminded me of her. Just the style seemed to announce that my grandmother was near. I can almost smell the pleasant scents that can out of her kitchen.

One summer I spend the whole time with my grandmother and learned how to can and freeze product. My...

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Vintage Apron Patterns

Retro Apron Patterns

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Christmas Apron Patterns

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Plus Size Apron Pattern

biggest project that summer was harvesting a whole field of corn. I would take a wheelbarrow and load it up with corn, take it to the house, prepare it and freeze it. The freezer I was filling up was actually an old refrigerator that was turned really cold to become a freezer. The refrigerator was completely filled when I got done.

My grandmother taught me to take pride in doing chores around the house. She and I baked bread and did the chores. I also had the job of watering some of the fruit trees, which I really enjoyed. I liked to get the whole tree wet so that he leaves would get real clean. Then I would fill up the depression around the base of the tree with water before going to the next one. In all this Grandmother would be hear and there in one of her aprons checking on my progress or maybe giving a suggestion before heading back inside to continue some project. It wasn't unusual to find her up a ladder that would be leaning against a fruit tree picking the fruit for canning or freezing.
That was a summer I will always remember.

On this page you will find Skirt, Old Fashioned Apron Patterns. Forties, Fifties, nostalgic

It used to be that everyone wore an apron when doing kitchen duties but with the ease nowadays of washing your clothes this habit has gotten out of style. But now this fun fashion is coming back, and even the men are getting into it.

The retro ones are really cute with their checked and poke a-dotted designs. The photo farther down on this page shows a woman wearing a blue flower design that looks really nice. It just seemed the clothes from our past seem nicer than today’s styles.

Check out this link below for free designs. There are some nice ones here that should fit your plans. If not, there are many other patterns to check out on this page.

The woman in the above picture looks content and you can imagine she has a nice family that appreciates her cooking and helps her out in the kitchen.

This reminds me of my grandmother. She always wore an apron and one time I spent a whole summer with her and she taught me how to make bread. Her food was always delicious and fruit trees surrounded her home. We canned and froze stuff in the fall from the orchard and garden.

One of my jobs was to water the fruit trees and I learned to enjoy this chore and would use the hose to spray the leaves of each tree to wash the dust from them.

Grandmother always made her own kitchen coverings and they were pretty but very practical. She would wear one not only in the kitchen but when she was tending her garden or climbing up a ladder to pick the fruit.

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