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When and How Will the World End prison pen pal Depression and Its Cure

Prison Pen Pals

Prison Pen Pals. Photos and Addresses of Prison
Inmates wanting Pen Pal letters.

Are you interested in corresponding with someone in prison and becoming a pen pal with them? If so this is a good place to look. The site is kept up to date and the prisoners are anxiously waiting and hoping for someone to write to them. I know these prisoners personally and can recommend them to you.

However normal precautions should be taken when writing to any prisoner. Using a post office box is an excellent way to keep anyone from knowing where you live. Also never give out your last name until you are confidence that the person you are writing to is trustworthy. Remember that anything you send will be examined and read by prison staff. Don't send any packages, just letters. Any books or similar items you want to send have to be mailed from a store and needs to include a receipt.

Prison Pen Pals.  Photos and Addresses of Prison Inmates wanting Pen Pal letters.
  Joseph Wyatt

Age 36

Release Date: 2024

Hi, I am a Christian. I like sports; music, Tom Clancy and I love the Lord. Caucasian, divorced with 4 children. I love to read the Bible and Christian books.

Please Write: Joseph Wyatt #237816, PO BOX 351, Waupun, WI, 53963-0351

Prison Pen Pals.  Photos and Addresses of Prison Inmates wanting Pen Pal letters.
  John Foster

Age 47

Release Date: Life

I am reaching beyond these prison walls today seeking & trying to find a women who is willing to correspond with a person in this kind of situation; I do have a life sentence at the moment. "The appeal is pending" and I want to get to know a women who's capable of still showing some human being qualities to another such as myself. Even though it is obvious that I've made some mistakes along the way.

I am 5' 6-½" small stature, 158 lbs. 45 years of age, & born under the sign of cancer. A basic sort of guy with the exception of I have been reaching daily to reconnect with the Creator. I enjoy reading a whole lot, writing when I can, and listening to music also. I like learning about everything of some importance; this last part more then anything else. I would hope that you are a woman who can care about another & if so, please respond, and lets become pen pals & maybe friends along the correspondence course. Okay? Thank you for reading!

Please Write: John Foster #N - 13925, PO BOX 711, Menard, IL, 62259

Prison Pen Pals.  Photos and Addresses of Prison Inmates wanting Pen Pal letters.
  Ernst Bruny, Jr

Age 37

Release Date: Life

Hello out there! I'm so glad that you have taken a few minutes to stop and read this ad. By the time you get to the end, you will know a little bit more about me and I hope that you will give me the opportunity to make your acquaintance.

With that said, my name is Ernst, I'm 37 years old, 6'1" tall, 182 lbs. I would describe myself as a down-to-earth, fun-loving person. I love to laugh and make those around me laugh and smile. I know how to be a good listener, which enables me to be a good friend. I'm genuinely sincere in what I say and in what I

do. I have a caring and loving heart. Even in my current situation, I remain positive mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I spend a lot of time working on my case in hope of securing a release date in the near future. Apart from that, I enjoy spending my time writing creatively and listening to music.

I have placed this ad simply to meet new people and make new friends. I believe that I will find someone and/or something special in this process. If I have piqued your interest in the least bit, drop me a few lines to say hello. In time, if I can call you my friend, this ad was well worth it.

Please Write: Ernst Bruny, Jr. #B81985, Menard Correctional Center, PO Box 711, Menard IL 62259

Prison Pen Pals.  Photos and Addresses of Prison Inmates wanting Pen Pal letters.
  Jeff Eberle

Age 31

Release Date: 2026

Financially secure man seeking female companionship that could result in a lasting relationship. I have been wrongfully convicted and I'm fighting for the restoration of my freedom. During my struggle I could discover if you're in my life for a reason, season or lifetime!

Please Write: Jeff Eberle #529732, Southern Ohio Correctional Facility, PO Box 45699, Lucasville OH 45699 USA

Prison Pen Pals.  Photos and Addresses of Prison Inmates wanting Pen Pal letters.
  James Emerson

Age 48

Release Date: 2029

Every night I see a face,
Dressed in satin and lace.
A beautiful angel with wings of gold,
The truth I know will soon unfold.
My soul I search from deep within;
Lord, save me from this place of sin.
These four walls are hard to cope,
My faith is strong, it gives me hope.
Alone I stand but not for long,

My angel calls of love are strong.
On bended knee, oh Lord I pray,
Please see me through another day.
Help me find the one I know
Will heal my heart and make me whole...
...Jim Emerson

I'm a 48 years young and still a country boy at heart. I love the outdoors and I enjoy hunting, fishing and hiking. I'm also interested in cooking new and old foods alike.

Although I can't help myself I'm a bit of a romantic and I enjoy reading and writing poetry. I also have a good sense of humor and always open for learning and trying new things, I try to keep an open mind… Although I may have been forgotten I am still faithful there's a country gal out there that could heal this broken heart.

Each day is an opportunity to take a chance, but if we never reach out and take that chance how will we ever know what could have been?
So if you're curious or just plain interested in someone new to talk too, take that chance and maybe we'll match. :o)

Please Write:James Emerson #168690, Jackson Correctional Institution , PO Box 233, Black River Falls, WI 54615

Prison Pen Pals.  Photos and Addresses of Prison Inmates wanting Pen Pal letters.
  James Oriss Grove

Age 43

Release Date: 2022

Hello my name is James Oriss Grove Jr. My inmate # is 57804. I have been working on changing my whole life around, as a person and my ways in Christ. I am not changing my ways of Christ because I am in prison, its because my whole life has been a mess and I found a friend who said I should look into a relationship with the good Lord.
Well now that I have accepted God as my Lord & Saviour, I have been happier then I have every been. I do need to read the Bible on a regular basics.
I am waiting to get into the sex offender program to better myself even more.

Prison Pen Pals.  Photos and Addresses of Prison Inmates wanting Pen Pal letters.
  Francisco Ferro

Age 30

Release Date: 2015

I'm a lonely guy in prison who's looking to be your friend. I'm from sunny California. I am laid back, easy to get along with. I'm not a shy person and welcome all conversation.

I enjoy sports, reading and music. I am a stranger to you now but given the chance I can show you I can also be your friend. If I'm not shy you shouldn't be either.

Write me, I'll be waiting for you.

Please Write: Francisco Ferro T28094, Centinela State Prison, PO BOX 931 D2 - 231, Imperial, CA 92251

Prison Pen Pals.  Photos and Addresses of Prison Inmates wanting Pen Pal letters.
  Steve Crutchfield

Age 46

Release Date: Life

Greetings from the confines. Incarceration can be a lonely daily prospect. Mail is like a beacon of light that shines in the darkness, which can bring a smile to one's face and warmth to their heart. I am hoping to find a few meaningful pen friends and develop long term relationships.

I am a Christian with a great sense of humor and I am a bit of a nerd. (Being educated in the fields of microbiology, chemistry & medicine) I was born and raised

in Dallas, TX and I am an Air Force veteran. I would like to write males or females and all races. Big, tall, short, or small, I'll write em all. I look forward to you taking a chance to gain a new friend. Be blessed on purpose.

Please Write: Steve Crutchfield # B81683, PO BOX 1000, Menard, IL 62259

Prison Pen Pals.  Photos and Addresses of Prison Inmates wanting Pen Pal letters.
  Michael Marano

Age 49

Release Date: 2020

Orange County CA Beach kid. Christian man, warm, caring, compassionate, love animals, good food & cook. Love music, sports, fitness, outgoing.
Love sunrise & sunsets.
Competitive in all I do, good listener, out spoken.
Would like to connect with that special one. Is that you!

Please Write: Michael Marano #AM2594, Centinela state Prison, C-3-107 PO BOX 921, Imperial, CA 92251

Prison Pen Pals.  Photos and Addresses of Prison Inmates wanting Pen Pal letters.
  Juan M. Romero

Age 38

Release Date: 2029

Hello there. :o) My name is Juan. I am currently here at Ironwood State Prison. I've been away from home almost 11 years. (Ontario CA, the city of Angels) :o)

I'm on this site in search of a friend. I'm not looking for a relationship, just genuine friendship.
Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a very honest person. I like to be straightforward, no BS. I like honesty. I also like music, dancing, working out, reading, learning and smiling. :o) My outlook on life is that the cup is

half full. Not half empty. Bad things happen but being miserable doesn't have too. Got to keep pushing.

As for my dislikes. Simple: No lies, BS or drama. Everything else is a go.
I don't judge. I like people to be themselves. If you are interested get at me. You never know this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. And I could be you next BFF. :o)

They say There is always a reason you meet people, either you need them to change your life, or they need you to change theirs. Lets find out together why we are meant to meet. :o)

Till then I'll be here mad dogging the mailman waiting for your letter. :o)
Respectably your next BFF.
Juan :o)

Please Write: Juan M. Romero #K-13067, Ironwood State Prison, C-3 250, PO BOX 2199, Blythe, CA 92226

Prison Pen Pals.  Photos and Addresses of Prison Inmates wanting Pen Pal letters.
  Donzell Spraggins

Age 37

Release Date: 2023

Hello, let me start off by saying I'm excited to be on this website!

I am looking to correspond with a woman on a personal and free spiritual level who doesn't mind being herself.

I am a great listener whose personal experience has taught me painstaking values. I have good intentions with positive energy, so if you would like to smile and have a good conversation please don't hesitate to write.

Till then, take care, be safe and God bless.


Please Write: Donzell Spraggins #K-58853, PO BOX 999, Pinckneyville, IL 62274

Prison Pen Pals.  Photos and Addresses of Prison Inmates wanting Pen Pal letters.
  Justin Cook

Age 33

Release Date: 2024

Justin is an amazing, hilarious, intelligent, born leader. He just has a personality that makes you feel drawn to him. Justin is always spontaneous, curious, and willing to share his knowledge.

He is serving time on a 10th sentence in Federal Prison and is about 2yrs into it. He tries to stay busy with programs and exercise. Justin doesn't have hardly anyone that writes him and has started to become lonely and reserved.

I do not want him to get to be depressed and lose his drive to do well. Anyone that would be willing to write would be wonderful. Thank you in advance and you will get to know an amazing, loyal, and adventurous person!

Please Write: Justin Cook #25012-031, USP Coleman 1, P.O. Box 1033, Coleman, FL 33521

Many prisoners don't have hardly anyone writing to them and this can be terribly lonely and frustrating. One of the best ways to reach a prisoner is to offer them Bible studies. This way you have a reason to continue writing back and forth with the studies you are sending and this will keep the relationship alive and active.

Prisoners who are truly converted will enjoy life more and be able to withstand the pressures and troubles that come with prison life. Converted prisoners that have a life sentence will be more content and can share their faith with others. Christian prisoners that are released will have an excellent chance of becoming productive citizens and won't end up back in prison. This will save taxpayers money and most importantly change a life for the better.


Susan Dietel
Web Programmer
Email: susansdesign@yahoo.com

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