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Teardrop Trailers For Sale, Parts, Plans, Information

Teardrop Trailers used for Sale. Teardrop Trailers Plans,
Camping, Camper, Kit, How to build and more

Teardrop Trailers used for Sale
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Teardrop Trailers Plans, Camping, Camper, Kit
Ready to Roll: A Celebration of the Classic American Travel Trailer

  New and Used Teardrop Trailers available including with parts and plans.

Instead of pulling an enormous costly trailer behind you when you go camping how about bringing along a lightweight Teardrop Trailer. Teardrop Trailers are compact, lightweight and are named this because of their teardrop shape.

Teardrop Trailers were first popular in the 1030's but eventually lost popularity until recently. Now you can join a Teardrop Trailer club where you go camping with other Teardrop Trailer enthusiasts in what they call a, Gathering. These gatherings are a fun place to learn more about these trailers and to meet interesting friends.

s the name implies the Teardrop Trailer is tiny, weighting less than 1000 pounds. (450 kg) and usually between 4 to 6 feet in width and 8 to 10 feet in length and the tires are outside the body covered by fenders. You could probably pull one of these with a Geo Metro.

This isn't a trailer for a large family. Just two adults can sleep inside with a little extra room for your stuff. The rear panel comes with a hatch where you can store more of your things. Usually there is a tiny kitchen so you have all your basic needs met for camping.

These tiny campers are not isn't recommended for full time living but many have probably tried it. Combined with a tent you could manage full time living if you are in a warm climate but this small camper is meant for an easy way to camp.

Camp meeting is a good place to take this little camper. Each year in Wisconsin we have one that is in a beautiful area of our state. The grounds are sheltered in pine trees so close together that you have plenty of shade. The speakers are great and there are nice bathrooms with showers plus an excellent dinning hall for those who want to eat in connivance. Of course many bring their own food. What we do is a combination. We brought our own food and ate one meal a day in the dining hall. Also there are hiking trails and a couple of small lakes to go boating and swimming in. At the end of the week one of the lakes is used for a baptism. It is fun to go there and watch the baptisms and clap for the ones who are participating. The whole camping experience was really fun.

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