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Used Mobile Homes

Used Mobile Homes for Sale. Find Used Mobile Homes Here.

Used Mobile Homes for Sale.  Find Used Mobile Homes Here. Typical trailer home from the 1960s and 70s: twelve by sixty feet The upside of living in a mobile home park is that you are close to shopping and the upkeep is minimal and the rent can be low depending on the area you want to live. The downsides are the close neighbors, high rent in some areas and closeness to town. However some Mobile home parks can be found far out in the country so you can have the convenience of a park and still live in a beautiful part of the country.

Having your own property is the best place to put one of these mobile homes. If you are low on funds there are inexpensive places still left in beautiful country. Check out the land prices for Chiloquin Oregon and you will find some nice places for not a lot of money. Choose something where you can get away and hike. Having land next to BLM is always a plus if you can find it. Actually it isn't too hard to find so keep looking and pieces come up all the time.

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The one downside is that the winters are cold and the growing climate during the summer is challenging. It isn't as cold as Wisconsin but you will need plenty of wood for your wood stove during the winter. The summer is long but cooler than on the western side of Oregon so to grow crops you would need to wrap your fruit tree branches in plastic (holes needed for the bees to pollinate) until the frost threat is gone and cover your gardens at night. Also you wouldn't have to be that far out either. There are plenty of inexpensive places close to town.

Do you need an inexpensive place to live and enjoy living in a mobile home? If so this page is the best place for you. Used Mobile homes are inexpensive and many are in great condition. They can be found in parks or at dealers at excellent prices. This beats the high cost of rent and you enjoy your own place.

The photo below shows one of the best places I have ever lived. It was on seven acres and close to hiking. I would just walk away from the house and head up in the woods. A person could walk all day and not ever see another person. If they wanted they could hike all the way to the Cascades and have to cross a few roads but could for the most part avoid contact with anyone. Take a look!

Another place I owned one of these homes was at a park. I had gotten it as a part trade when selling my home and it had three bedrooms and two bathrooms. There was a large living room and the kitchen and dining area was large too. How I wished I had the money to stay and eventually move it to a woody place out in the country. Unfortunately money was really tight and I did not have the finances to do this.

Finally I had to sell the place and move into my mom's place to house sit for her. This is the place in the photo below where again I wanted to stay but the problem was money and both my mom and moved out. She needed the funds to retire and I didn't have a job but had a boyfriend who lived in Wisconsin. He invited me to come out and stay with a women friend of his so we could see each other more often and decide if we wanted to get married.

Well we got married and now both want to move out west and find something nice. However we live in a nice place in the country but it does lack a few things so we still plan to move if the way opens for us.

The photo here shows where I used to live. It is not in a park and has over 7 acres. The home is older but really comfortable and in a beautiful place in Oregon. I would love to move back there if I could.

Like I said toward the top of the page a person could walk for miles and not see anyone else. I always had my faithful dog Spotty at my side. She was not very brave and whenever we can upon something scary she would run for home. One day I saw her split for home and looked around and there was a large elk standing there just looking at me. Spotty liked to chase deer but this one was a little bigger than she was used to. The elk and I stood looking at each other for a minute before I slowly edged pass and headed for home too. I didn't want to mess with an elk. They were a lot bigger than I was.

Many times Spotty's hair on the back of her neck would rise as we were walking and I knew to be cautious. There were cougars around and I would be on high alert. Usually I would turn around if Spotty continued to act nervous. I always kept my dog in at night because our neighbors were losing them. Even my dad's dog disappeared and he lived about a mile up the road from me. Cougars were the likely suspect to the missing dogs and the best protection was keeping them in a night.

However the danger was minimal and I went walking most everyday and never saw any really dangerous animals except for tracks and a couple of rattle snakes.

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