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Amphicar for Sale. Keep Checking back to find the latest Amphicar
Amphibious Cars for Sale. Also find Toy Collectible Amphicars.

Amphicar for Sale. The Amphicar is still the only amphibious automobile ever mass-produced for sale to the public. Photo License In 1961 the first amphibious car ever to be mass-produced to the public was launched. This German made automobile was called the Amphicar. Amphicar is a combination of the words amphibious and car.

Most of the Amphicar's were sold in the United States and were bought for fun and recreation and many by the police and other water rescue groups. The title for these cars were dated for the time they were sold instead of the year they were produced adding to their differences.

Even though production of the Amphicar stopped in 1965 these cars can still be found today in great shape due to being built to

Amphicar for Sale Neo Scale Models 1961 Amphicar in Mint 43177 high quality standards. The Amphicar would be considered low powered compared to today's cars but the ride in these vehicles is notably nimble and a pleasant car to drive both on land and water. The top speed is 70 mph (110 km/h) on land and 7 knots in the water.

There are still 4000 Amphicar's to be found in the world and some are for sale. Imagine driving to the lake and not stopping but continuing out over the water for fishing, swimming or just sightseeing.

On this page you will find many Amphicar's for sale besides parts and service manuals.

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Real (not toys) Amphicar Cars at this Link. New ones come in all the time.

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