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When Will the World End taylorcraft Aeronca taylorcraft Beechcraft taylorcraft Biplanes for Sale

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Taylorcraft Aircraft for Sale. Plus Taylorcraft Airplane Products, Manuals, Parts.
Used Taylorcraft Airplanes for Sale. 1937, 1941 1945 and more Taylorcraft Kits,
Engines, 450, 12d, BC 12d and much more.

Taylorcraft Aircraft for Sale Taylorcraft 450 ARF
(model aircraft) The Taylorcraft is a small single engine aircraft that is popular for its capability and swiftness. It has limited horsepower engines and is a high wing, two-seater airplane. The design of the Taylorcraft hasn't changed much since 1936 when it was first produced, but still is a great sport aircraft today.
"Buy Your Airplane Taylor Made" is a slogan used by the manufacture to advertise the plane. They hoped to make this plane as common as a car for the American people.

The Taylorcraft airplane is faster, more comfortable and better-designed aircraft then most private planes and has outsold most other small aircraft. Taylorcraft was used for instruction and watching the enemy during World War II.

In the mid 1940's a unfortunate fire forced the company into financial failure, but it was bought by a former owner to keep it going. It didn't do as well after that until 1996 when Lee Booth purchased the company who revamped it and got it going again before selling it in 2003.

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Taylorcraft and other Types of Aircraft

Taylorcraft (all years)

Taylorcraft Parts

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More Taylorcraft Products, Manuals

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Crash landing on a Lake

Flying is always an adventure and this story is no exception.
A pilot decided to cross Lake Huron on his way to Wisconsin. Small aircraft are not supposed to cross these huge lakes because if something goes wrong they will be in big trouble and have no place to land except in the water. However the temptation is understandable since going around the lake adds a lot of miles that could be avoided by crossing. Also if your plane is in great condition the pilot can get to his destination twice as fast, so the risk is taken with sometimes tragic results.

This pilot decided to take the risk and headed across. Partway across his worse fear was realized. He started to have some engine trouble. The engine totally quit and he headed for the water. He controlled the plane as best he could to try to achieve a soft landing. Also knowing that he may not be able to open the door to escape after hitting the water he opened his door to provide a quick exit. His plane hit the water tail first and flipped. Water rushed in filling it almost instantly.

He was grateful that his seatbelt kept him from being knocked unconscious and quickly unbuckled and swam through the open door into the water. His plane sunk fairly quickly leaving him a speck in a vast ocean-like lake that is 183 miles (295 km) wide and 206 miles long. (332 km)

Either he was praying or someone was praying for him because after 18 hours of treading water and several boats passing him by, a women on a boat saw something in the water and decided to check it out. The boat came to check and it was him.

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