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Log Cabins for Sale

Log Cabins for sale. With or without Property. Log Cabin Kits, Plans, Design.
How to Build your Log Cabin. Log Cabin Home for Sale.
Log Cabin Construction.

Log Cabins for sale. I have fond memories of living in a log cabin while growing up. We had bought Uncle Burt's homestead and it came complete with a cabin and outhouse. We enjoyed living there in primitive conditions and took our baths in the creek. One day a week we had an official shower at my grandmother's house across the creek from us. All this was really fun for kids. However the adults could put up with it only for so long and eventually the cabin was remolded and made into larger home with all the modern conveniences. But one of the walls of the log cabin was left in place to add to the decor of our new home. It made it quite rustic and made kept some of the old homestead with us.

The (top photo) log cabin shown here is a remade of the original cabin from Laura Ingalls (Little House in the Big Woods) in Pepin Wisconsin. (My own photo - you can use it free if you link back)

Log Cabins for sale.  With or without Property.  Log Cabin Kits, Plans, Design.  How to Build your Log Cabin.  Log Cabin Home for Sale.  Log Cabin Construction. Log Construction Manual: The Ultimate Guide to Building Handcrafted Log Homes Do you want a warm and simple home? If so a log cabin is a good way to go. The wood is environmentally friendly because it is a renewable resource and will discompose without polluting our planet.

A good choice of property for your new home would be something that is sunny and not to wet. Avoid places that will tend to cause mold and endanger your health. Remove close trees to let in the healthy sunlight keep limbs from falling on your roof and keep you safer from forest fires.

It would be a good idea to have a metal roof and shutters for your windows. The shutters will keep the heat from coming through your windows in event of a forest fire.

There is still property to be found in woodsy areas in the United States that are reasonable priced. One of the areas is Chiloquin, Oregon. Here the land prices are reasonable and you can find something off the beaten path. The weather is great for solar panels and maybe wind power. Winters are cold but not as cold as winters in Wisconsin. Growing things

will be a challenge but that can be over come with invention like covering fruit trees and gardens during cold nights. Things are doable for the resourceful person.

Another handy thing about having a woodsy property is that you can use your own trees to build your home. Just make sure you have enough trees that your place is still beautiful when you are done. Use the trees that have to be cut down anyway to clear a place for your home and driveway.

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