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M&M Candy & Merchandise

M&M Candy & Merchandise. M&M's Collectibles. M and M Candies and Dispensers. M and M's Old-fashioned
Antique-Style Candy Dispensers. Peanut, Plain, and all types M & M's. M&M Cookies

M&M Candy & Merchandise.
M & M's Peanut 56 Ounce Bag (3 Lbs 8 oz)
Do you love M&M's candies? They are my favorite candy, especially the peanut M&M's. Health wise the peanut M&M's is one of the best candies for you because the bulk of each candy is the peanut. Still I have to limit myself to no more than a bag every few months to keep in good health.

M&M's are small brightly colored candies that come in blue, green, yellow, red, orange and brown. These are the regular colors but you can find them in almost any color. The regular M M's come in either pure chocolate or with a peanut but there are other flavors and nuts.

M&M's first came out in 1941 and had only 6 colors that were violet, red, green, yellow and orange. Now you can get them in teal, electric green, shimmer gold, shimmer pearl, pink and more. Each "M" written on the candy came from different people.

One was from inventor Forrest Mars Sr, the founder of the Mars company and the other "M" from Bruce Murrie the son of the president of the Hershey's company.

Unfortunately one downside to delicious M&M's is the dye that they use to color these candies. Red #40 is still being used despite being banned in many countries in Europe. Customers would gladly pay a little more if all natural and healthy dye's were used to color them. Antique-Style Candy Dispensers. Peanut, Plain, and all types M & M's. M&M Cookies can be found here.

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M&M Candy

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