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Edsel Ford Cars for Sale. 1958, 1959, 1960 Edsel Car for Sale. Edsel
Parts, Manuals, Hogan, Del Valle, Ogden Wagon and more.

Edsel Ford Cars for Sale
1958 Edsel Citation convertible The Ford Motor Company produced the Edsel automotive from 1958 to 1960. It was considered the worse commercial failure of the auto industry. Ford spent a considerable amount of time and effort in publishing the Edsel by announcing a special "E" day when the car would be available to buy.

A television show was made for the car called "The Edsel Show." All the hype may have lead to its downfall, for the public expected something really special and the Edsel wasn't it. Few were sold and the Edsel became another name for failure. Ford lost $350 million on the car, which in today's dollars would total $2.45 billion.

However now the Edsel is worth a lot to collectors. There are only about 10,000 of them left and one in mint condition can sell for $100,000. Special rare Edsel's like a 1960 convertible can sell for up to $200,000.

On this page you will find Edsel cars for Sale including the Citation, Ford II, Del Valle, Deon, Hogan, Ranger, Pacer, Ogden Wagon, Corsair, and more. Service manuals, parts and accessories here too.

So why did the Edsel fail? It might have been the ugly grill on the front or the name of the car. But whatever it was this vehicle is forever remember as the car that sunk. Of course now that they are collectors items folks don't mind being seen in one and are considered status symbols of the collector of fine cars.

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