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Antique Tractor for Sale

Antique Tractors for Sale. Plus Parts, Manuals and Supplies. Used Tractors for Sale.
Old Vintage Farm Tractor for Sale.

Antique Tractors for Sale.. A classic. Note the absence of any rollover protection. - Public Domain Photo On this page find antique tractors, manuals and parts for sale. Antique Tractors are becoming more popular as people fix them up and either sell or keep them for their own collection and sometimes display them at tractor shows around the country.

In the early 1800s the first tractors had steam engines. Then in 1892 John Froelich invented the first gas powered tractor in Iowa. But gas powered tractors didn't become successful until 1911 when the Twin City Traction Engine Company did a make over on the design and sold many of them.

Britain quickly started making their own tractors after the first one was invented but their first attempt was not very successful because it burned oil. It wasn't until 1902 that they took off because of the new design from Dan Albone.

Used Tractors for Sale Tractor Men's Hoody : Antique Farm Power He made them with three wheels and they were very popular. Then in 1908 competition came in the form of a 4-wheel type invented by Saundersons of Bedford. These were so successful that they almost beat the sales in The United States coming in at second place.

Henry Ford jumped into production in 1917 and made them gas powered and inexpensive for the average farmer. After that it became a necessary tool for working the fields. International Harvester was also making them but theirs were too big and expensive so they didn't do very well until they adjusted their design reducing their size and affordability.

These earlier tractors were a health hazard because they didn't have a safety bar or roll over guard of any type and with their large back tires it was an accident waiting to happen. I personally know of three persons who were killed on tractors. Two were into vintage ones and the lack of any safety equipment may have been a big factor in their deaths. Now the driver is usually enclosed and if it rolls they are pretty safe.

Some of the old used tractors you will find on this page are the John Deere, Farmville and much more.

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