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Used Tractor for Sale

Used Tractors for Sale. Modern and Antique Tractors. Plus Parts, Manuals
and Supplies. Old Vintage Farm Tractor for Sale.

Used Tractors for Sale A modern John Deere 8110 Farm Tractor plowing a field using a chisel plow. We used to have an old 1940's Ford Tractor that we sometimes used to clear the snow from our driveway. The brakes were really challenging and we had to stand up on them to get it to slow down. Eventually we sold it to a friend and that ended our saga with old used Tractors.

Tractors are lifesavers to farmers. Before the tractor was invented, farm labor was so hard that it could cause farmers to die young. Now with the equipment used for the farms, farming has become an attractive job.

Used old tractors can come in handy for those who are first starting out in farming and can't afford the new modern equipment. Also some of these antique and vintage tractors make good collectors items.

Old Vintage Farm Tractor for Sale. Tractor Blue Book Caution needs to be taken when using farm equipment. Farming or agriculture is the third most dangerous job in the world caused from farm equipment accidents. Most of the accidents are from tractor turnovers. I personally know of three persons who have died from tractor accidents among my friends and acquaintances.

The old used tractors are even more dangerous as they didn't have the rollover bars and seat belts.

On this page you will find many used tractors for sale plus service manuals and parts. Look for the antique, Farmall, Ford, harvest, John Deere, small, sales, supply, tires and more.

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